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Custom Made

Flying Fox Clothing

I have a passion for designing unique, one-off pieces that fit you well and make you feel special.

If you are often dissatisfied with buying off the rack and have trouble fitting and/or finding something you really like, you’ll love a Flying Fox Custom Design.

I take time producing quality clothing that is long-lasting and sustainable, thinking long-term rather than a quick seasonal fix.

Case Study

Robbie Magasiva, one of the lead actors on ‘WentWorth’ Australia, asked me to create an outfit for the Australian Logie awards in 2018. Robbie loves his motors, particularly his old Bedford Van and Harley Davidson Motorbikes.


When researching these beautiful machines, I was drawn to the Bedford logo, a Gryphon – a mythical creature with the body, tail and back legs of a lion, and the head and wings of an eagle. This suited Robbie down to the ground. He stands tall with great confidence and mana, and is strikingly strong and handsome.

The curves of Robbie’s Harley inspired my tailcoat design. I used the rich colour palette from the Gryphon, and chose fabrics to match. Dark violet cashmere coating for the tailcoat, gold wool/silk for trousers, a rich teal for the waistcoat and cream for shirting with a liberty print as detail. 


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Custom Design Clothing

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