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Flying Fox Bows

Welcome to your one of a kind reversible Flying Fox Bow set.

Made from beautiful vintage tie fabrics from a bygone era. Carefully matched & repurposed these sets include a unique pocket square from grandma’s old handkerchiefs.

Please watch video below or see instructions inside your box and play around with wearing these using different variations.

My love for op-shopping started with visiting my Grandma who volunteered in the Goodwill shop. Full of treasures from a bygone era I would collect many items of clothing, including old men's ties.


It has always fascinated me how these gorgeous fabrics, often silk, could be thrown out or given up on. I wondered how I could breathe new life into these beautiful pieces.

I’ve taken these wonderful old ties and turned them into unique reversible vintage bowtie sets. Included with each set is a pocket square made from my grandma's hand-embroidered old handkerchiefs.

So for that special event choose a flying fox original that will ensure you stand out in the crowd!

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